Texas Industrial introduces the Ax2200HS-FS CNC High Speed File Server Package

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For all Machines | For all Controls | Wireless Option  

3 Year Warranty.
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480 Megabytes of Part Program Storage at the Machine !!!

Ax2200HS-FS High Speed File Server for CNC / DNC Program Files of any size.
A Platform for Manufacturing Productivity.
Connect any Machine Control directly to a local file system.
Fast Access to Part Program Files.


MX1053 with AX2200 High Speed Server
and Optional Wireless board attached.

AX2200 High Speed Server board.

Hand-held Terminal


    Depending on control, the High Speed CNC File Server Consists of a Hand-Held Mx2000 HMI & either a
    Universal Network Interface, Mx1053 or a Universal Machine Interface, Ax9150




Call (903) 572-5035