Texas Industrial Presents the MX1053 CNC Universal Network Interface. 

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CNC Universal Network Interface - Replace outdated shop floor serial cabling-serial hubs.

Full 1 Year Warranty

(903) 572-5035    or email   cncmemory@gmail.com

MX1053 interfaces Ethernet - RS232 - wireless - DB9 - Barcode reader


* 3 serial ports
* Self Resetting Fuse
* Bi-Directional Data Transfer
* Ethernet connectivity to the network
* Each CNC a node on the network
* Converts Ethernet to Serial RS232
* Supports maximum baud-rate transfers
* Supports RS232 Barcode readers
* MX2000 Handheld Terminal compatible
* Native support for local DNC file storage up to 2GB with
  optional AX2200 High Speed File Server
* Magnetic mounting system
* Execute Part Programs of any length with DNC Software
* On-board power supply allows


* Supports maximum rate of data flow for any CNC
* Increased baud rates improves program loading up to 8 times
* Simple to install on any control
* Punch out remote commands from non-punch controls
* Works with DNC Software, designed for Net-DNC & AxDNC
* Flexible interface options means it will fit every CNC
* Bypass restrictive file name conventions with Mx2000
* Eliminate calling wrong files by using the barcode
  reader option
* Replaces outdated shop floor serial cabling and serial hubs
* Preliminary step to any OEE system


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