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CNC Memory Fanuc, Mazak, Yasnac

CNC Memory Fanuc, Mazak, Yasnac

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The Mx2000 Hand-held Machine Interface

The Mx2000 Hand-held Terminal was created to give certain otherwise incapable CNC’s the ability to run DNC from a remote computer host.

Several older controls do not have CRT displays and cannot edit programs with brackets, or other specific characters.

This capability is necessary in order to tell remote capable DNC programs just what program the CNC operator wants called back to the Control.

The Mx2000 Handheld Terminal is used to send configurable serial strings, containing the name of the program needed.

With the Mx2000, serial parameters can be adjusted easily by the operator through on-screen prompts.

The Mx2000 acts as an interactive interface for our industry leading machine monitoring and OEE data collection system.

It supports operator input for downtime and reject reason codes and enables the operator to select work orders, complete jobs and send email/SMS Messages.

An automatic external switch (called a "Port Combiner") or an Mx1100 is also needed to enable the host computer RS232 communications between both the CNC and the Mx2000 Handheld Terminal.



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